VantageOne Software is excited to announce a partnership with Memex Inc. to distribute their machine monitoring software in Ohio. VantageOne Software believes that Ohio is due for its smart manufacturing boom and feels Memex Inc. has the perfect product to usher in this new era.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is increasingly being used for the prediction and assessment of building aerodynamics, wind effects, and ground-level pedestrian comfort. The results from CFD simulations are now seen as reliable sources of qualitative and qualitative data, frequently utilized in important design decisions, and long before the production of the first physical prototype.

MERLIN Tempus can be installed on any manufacturing machine and allows important data to be tracked and analyzed to spot inefficiencies in a factory’s workflow. This is done by measuring Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), which accounts for a machine’s availability, performance, and the quality of its products. When placed on a number of machines, this allows for shop floor management to have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in real time and allow them to take action if something is out of the ordinary.

VantageOne Software strongly believes in the importance of having software that can be made to fit a company’s specific needs. Holding true to that tenant is one of the reasons a partnership with Memex Inc. made sense. A key feature of the MERLIN Tempus software is its configurability. Almost every aspect of the monitoring can be changed on the fly and allows the end user to track whatever data they deem is important. This can be done by the consumer and eliminates the need for extended downtime in monitoring or for someone from outside the company to make the changes.

MERLIN Tempus can transform the manufacturing landscape in Ohio and the surrounding area and VantageOne Software is excited to be the one bringing it to the attention of local companies. If you have any questions about MERLIN Tempus or have any custom software development needs, feel free to reach out via our website or by phone at (440) 354-1458.

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