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How to create a winning CRM Strategy?

VantageOne has been delivering smart and cost-effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services to our clients. These systems are supposed to help create a competitive advantage. However, it is not uncommon to find companies frustrated by the failure of their CRM service to live up to high vendor promises and management expectations.

We spend time getting a thorough understanding of your specific businesses processes, allowing us to create a CRM blueprint that guides the development of parallel processes in your CRM application and the integration of data into that application.

CRM shortcomings are usually not a technology issue, but a business issue. Our single focus is to enhance your business performance through improved interactions with your data, customers and sales prospects. VantageOne addresses the needs of your company by designing CRM applications and processes that improve sales and marketing productivity.


Service Offerings:

  • CRM Consulting
  • Business Process Requirements & Alignment
  • Enhancements to existing CRM Software
  • Integration into Existing Applications or Portals
  • Custom Reporting
  • Work with, Microsoft and more
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