Written by: Erica Martin, CEO

In my role at VantageOne Software, a software development provider, I talk to many people about their business software, new technologies, projects, etc. Frequently, the conversation turns to employee skill sets and the lack of resources available with needed technical capabilities. It seems the bulk of companies have the skills on staff to cover most in house tasks, leaving a small percentage that never quite reach completion. And, the longer these unattended tasks are not dealt with, the more they impact the enterprise and user productivity. One solution worth consideration is the wealth of diverse software development providers with the talent available to complete almost any tech project or provide a specific skill set.

There is such variety and change in technology today that very few IT departments can provide every service to successfully support the enterprise.  Software development companies should not be overlooked as an option for help in completing projects, outsourcing tasks that would otherwise require a significant increase in overhead, or for a part time resource with a specific skill.

Some Software Development Benefits

  • Resources provided by software development companies have experience working in a variety of business cultures and situations. They have worked in high stress and laid back environments, on projects that were well run, and some not. They have accumulated a list of lessons learned to bring to the table along with an adaptable personality.
  • When you engage with a software development provider for a project or for a specifically skilled resource, you inadvertently gain the collective knowledge of the service provider. For example, if you engage with a .Net programmer, the rest of the .Net team is available for a quick question if needed.
  • Similarly, with the variety of  software development firms available, there will be one with the experience for your project. VantageOne Software, for example, has experience with custom development of multi module ERP systems, custom EDI applications, web app development, and application rebuilds and enhancements. We frequently collaborate with other software development firms who need our services for a client, and vice versa.
  • Save on overhead costs by utilizing an infrequently needed resource from a developer on a part time or project basis.

Most people in technology are used to sitting down and figuring things out on their own. So, when a need comes up that a department cannot meet due to lack of time or the skill, most try to resolve it first. Sometimes this list of projects that need a little extra special attention grows as demands on time keep teams from completing open projects affected by a lack of skillset.

The diversity in technology skill-sets is like the diversity in medical specialties. The offerings of software development firms are similarly diverse and you will rarely find two development companies that provide the same services. So, the help you need is probably closer than you think, and the service you need can be tailored specifically to your requirements. We have clients who need enterprise level applications written and clients who need a special skill-set four hours every other week. It is highly probable that there is an organization close by able to provide the resources to complete any open tech issues in an organization.

VantageOne Software is a leading onshore software development provider offering web, mobile and enterprise-level custom software and application services. For more than 20 years, our teams have used their technical expertise and in-depth domain knowledge to streamline organization’s operations for optimal success — a real competitive advantage. Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through NEORSD and WBENC.

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