Written by: Sam Travarca, Developer

JavaScript is a very powerful and versatile tool used in many different scenarios. One example of a use of JavaScript can be to manipulate the user interface for styling or functionality. There are third-party customizable packages available or you can develop your own unique JavaScript, scripts for your program or software.

VantageOne Software developers are adept at writing and altering scripts to perform different solutions. Different functionalities that we have engineered include styling pages and creating interactive buttons on a web page. Something as simple as clicking a drop down carrot can be powered by JavaScript. While HTML and CSS provide the capabilities to style your page, JavaScript can add value to those by bringing a dynamic sense to the page. For example, if you create a CSS class that styles a text box a specified way, you can use JavaScript to add or remove that class to any or all text boxes. Another demonstration could be a specific style class used when the text box has active focus, JavaScript can apply the class while the user is typing and then proceed to remove the class when clicked off.

One of our clients used a third-party API solution called Kendo UI. While Kendo was previously setup in their system, we were able to come in and better utilize the resources provided. In this case we were using JavaScript to decipher a JSON string of data to dynamically build a table to display sales information for upper management. The Kendo package provides built-in functions that takes specific parameters and is able to completely build a stylized table. Three dropdown boxes allowed the user to select a different month, year, and report style. While these are HTML elements, they are styled as the page loads using the Kendo package JavaScript. When a user changes any of these options, JavaScript automatically fires to reload the table based on the selected parameters. This is very useful in providing a user friendly experience because the page does not need to refresh while the data is changed. To complement the changing data, JavaScript is used to display a loading bar showing the user that the page is working on getting the new information.

There are endless examples of how JavaScript can and has been used. The most important part to take away is that it is completely customizable in that it can be written and altered to provide unique solutions to individual pages and projects. One user could use it for styling purposes while another user can use it to build the entire page.

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